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These GeoBenders are sweet as honey. The elegant exterior of the Bees cube contains a beautiful green fibonacci spiral, and when you open up the GeoBender from a cube into a ball it transforms from green to gold, revealing a vibrant honeycomb center.

Collect multiple Bee cubes to find out what all the buzz is about!

PDF - Download:

Transformation Tree.        Transformation instruction


Product data

  •     Weight 4 Box: 787 g
  •     Size of a single cube: 6.2 x 6.4 x 6.6 cm
  •     Incl. Instruction
  •     incl. Brochure big


Explore the geometric wonder of GeoBender. Master the 6 main shapes and discover more than 100 majestic forms a single cube can make!


Each GeoBender contains 36 strong magnets. Combine 4 or more cubes to create phenomenal structures and begin unlocking GeoBender's full potential. 16 GeoBenders makes a "Master Set."


Each GeoBender has a unique design. There are annual releases as well as limited edition runs, so keep an eye out and collect them all! 


Join the GeoBender community by connecting with us on social media. Inspire other fans by sharing photos and videos of your favorite creations. Search #GeoBender to find us.

Tutorial Video

Watch Andreas, the inventor of GeoBenders, demonstrate a few ways to combine 4 GeoBenders.

About GeoBenders

  • Magnetic puzzle cube 
  • Transforms into over 100 shapes
  • Size: 2.4 inch cube 
  • Ages 7+
  • Each GeoBender contains 4 art designs.        1 on the cube's exterior and 3 internally.
  • STEM concepts. Problem solving skills.         Fine motor skills. 

GeoBenders give kids of all ages hours of play time away from their screens. Explore the wonders of the complex shapes each GeoBender can form, and discover the magic that is evoked from combining multiple GeoBenders. With multiple cubes, there is no limit to what you can create.

Grow Your Collection

Whether you've never held a GeoBender before, or you're a long time fan of the product, unboxing a new GeoBender is always a magical experience!

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