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What does it take to become a GeoBender pro? There is no "Winning" GeoBender. It is a meditative process that never ends. You can discover how the cube flows, and you can master your understanding of the main shapes and learn how to form them quickly, and however else you wish to engage with these magic cubes is up to you!

We've organized these steps to walk you through some initial stages once you get the cubes. Please understand that if you struggle with any of these steps it does not mean you are bad at GeoBending, or anything of this nature. They are simply fun endeavors for you to engage with should you choose.

Level 1

The 5 most important things to know about your GeoBenders when getting started with your collection:

Necessary cubes - 1 - 2

1: Learn to open and close the cube smoothly.
When you first encounter a GeoBender it can be a challenge to open the cube, let alone put it back into its starting shape once you've scrambled it up. Don't be intimidated though, once you understand how the folds work it becomes very simple and you'll be able to put it back in a cube with your eyes closed in no time. This is why we say "First it's a puzzle, then it's a toy."

2: Master the 6 Main Shapes. 
The Cube, The Star, The Hive, The UFO, The Ball, The Dome. Can you make them all? Start from a cube and make each shape. Then start in a cube and cycle through making all of the shapes in under 1 minute, ending in a cube again.  We call this cycle a "Main Flow." Bonus - take a video of this and tag us for a shoutout.

3: *Remember this mantra: If it doesn't flow, it doesn't go.
GeoBenders are extremely durable, but they are not indestructible. Do not force a bend if you are feeling resistance. Some transitions require a bit of finesse, and as you become more experienced you will quickly learn how the GeoBender likes to move. These are high quality products that we work hard to deliver at an affordable price, so please take care of them. If you do accidentally break a GeoBender, please contact our customer support and we will work with you to repair or replace your cube.

4: Understand how the "Complex magnetization" works.
GeoBenders contain "Complex Magnetism" which means there are 2 magnetic pulls in each cube. Many shapes have different magnetizations depending on the orientation of the artwork. Try connecting 2 or more cubes and you'll find that certain shapes only hold if they are oriented in a specific way.

5: Explore the magic of combining multiple GeoBenders.
Once you magnetize 2 or more cubes you will likely become captivated by the enchantment of these toys, and if you're anything like us you'll want to grow your collection and continue exploring GeoBenders immediately! A common phrase said around the GeoBender office is "We need more cubes!"

The 6 Main Shapes

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The Cube

Product category

The Hive

Product category

The Star

Product category


Product category

The Ball

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The Dome

Level 2

Now that you've mastered the basics, it's time to dive deeper. 

Necessary cubes - 1 - 4

1: Explore the Transformation Tree

Each GeoBender can make more than 100 shapes. Learn how to make at least 25 shapes and memorize how to get to each one starting from a cube.

2: Create the core combinations that can be made with 2 GeoBenders
There are hundreds of ways to combine 2 GeoBenders. Follow us on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to learn how to make each of these shapes.

3: Create the core combinations with 4 GeoBenders
The Flower, The StarBall, The Triangle, the Hiveangle, the RingAround, the SnakeLine, the SpikeBall,

4: Try Spinning your GeoBenders
The UFO and Hive spin nicely as single cubes, the UFO/Hive combo is a great spinner with 2, and the Ring + 2 UFO's is the perfect spinner for 3. Can you make it so your spin lands perfectly balanced upright?

5: Magnetize your GeoBenders to a metal surface
Use a magnetic whiteboard, a metal fridge, a cabinet or any surface that your cubes will stick to and create some combinations using that as a base. It's amazing how a shift in the foundation of your builds can shift the creative process.

Some 2 GeoBender Combos

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The Thomas Box

Product category

The Chain

Product category

The Spinner

Product category

The Portal

Product category

The BallStar

Product category

The Ringer

Some 4 GeoBender Combos

Product category

The Claw

Product category

The Flower

Product category

The Star Ball

Product category

The Core

Product category

The Star Force

Product category

The Trap

The Transformation Tree

Andreas designed this transformation tree to depict the flow of the cube. Each shape leads in to the next.

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Level 3

You're on your way to becoming a ProBender! Master these next steps and you're even closer to gaining "Flexpert" status.

Necessary cubes - 4 - 16

1: Conquer the Transformation Tree

Each GeoBender can make more than 100 shapes. Learn how to make at least 75 shapes and and memorize how to get to each one from a cube.

2: Explore the unique combinations that can be made with 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 GeoBenders
Visit our Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to learn more about complex shape bending.

3: Build a GeoBender Tower
There are many ways to make a tower out of GeoBenders. Make one and share your video online!

4: Collect a Master Set and create the Master Shapes
16 GeoBenders is a master set, and any shape made using 16 cubes is considered a master shape. 

5: Make a tutorial
If you can teach someone how to make a shape or combination, then you are truly on your way to becoming a ProBender. Create a video tutorial and tag us so that we can see your teaching skills in action! We actively monitor Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 


-Finger Tricks - one handed cube to ball, juggling 3 or more cubes in different shapes, all 6 main shapes in under 30 seconds.
-Discover your own shape
-Collect an entire Master Set

Some Combos You Can Make With More Than 4 GeoBenders

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Collect Dozens of GeoBenders and Create Stunning Sculptures

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