What is GeoBender all about?

What is GeoBender all about?

Don't put yourself in a box!

GeoBenders are more than a cube. They converge the creative synergies of mathematics and art to remind us that everything is constantly changing and we are all more complex beings than may first meet the eye.

Like the geometric form of a GeoBender, nothing in the universe is fixed. Nature is in a state of constant flux, and it is possible for multiple experiences to coexist simultaneously. What you see is all just a matter of perspective.

How can one thing be multiple things at the same time?

The geometry of a GeoBender is both simple and complex, similar to human emotions. One moment you might feel happy, and soon later you could become sad, but usually our feelings are not as clearcut as this. Sometimes we feel both happy and sad at the same time, as well as a wide variety of other emotions.

Similarly, one moment a GeoBender may be in the form of a cube, and the next it can become a rhombic dodecahedron.  In most cases the shape of the GeoBender can appear differently from the angle you look at is as well, for example you may see a square from one angle and a shape you don't quite know how to define from another.

The potential for each of the shapes a GeoBender can form has been there all along, but we only experience them when we look at them, feel them, or think about them.

How do we understand and communicate what we experience?

Now that is a tough question, and one that people spend their entire lives seeking the answer to. A large part of our identities comes down to how we understand our selves, but we are also defined by the world around us. Though certain elements of our identities remain consistent throughout our lives, we are constantly evolving and adapting. 

With each passing thought and action we become different human beings, and when we interact with different people and situations our character varies to some degree, and the way we act shifts to be appropriate for the situation.

Life is an amazing, wondrous experience, and as humans we have many more questions than we have answers. Part of the fun in this adventure is not in defining these answers definitively, or in growing frustrated by their absence, but in learning to embrace the uncertainty and enjoy the journey while we're here.

For us, GeoBenders are an amazing tool that helps us externalize these reflections, and we love holding them in our hands and playing with them as we consider the amazing wonders of the universe.